Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face tough challenges in today’s globalised market. Those who want to remain competitive under these conditions in the long-term must constantly optimise their processes and reduce their costs. IT plays a crucial role here. Efficient systems and lean solutions let you increase productivity and thereby gain an important competitive edge.

Due to higher demands, companies these days have to ask themselves whether having their own infrastructure still makes sense or whether a service provider should provide the infrastructure as a service instead. In our cloud readiness check, we analyse this question and develop a decision basis tailored to your needs and requirements.

As a competent partner, we let our consultants, who are experienced in technical and business fields, analyse your IT infrastructure and show your company options for IT outsourcing.

"Make or Buy» is a central question when it comes to investments in the ICT infrastructure area."

Broad-based analysis

In our cloud readiness check, we compare your existing on-site IT infrastructure (on-premises) to possible IT outsourcing (cloud), so that you have a solid basis upon which to make your decision. The economic factors – operation (OPEX) and investments (CAPEX) – are used to do this. Your IT environment, which we analyse in detail and compare to best practices, is used as the basis. For the analysis, we consider your existing IT strategy as well as your business requirements for a new IT infrastructure; that is, we also take into account the requirements regarding the availability of business-critical applications and data.

Cloud readiness check by ITRIS
Our cloud readiness check service consists of three phases. Clients receive the following services:

Definition: In an initial joint start meeting, we discuss the scope of the check with you, so that we can take all your requirements into account.

Closure: At another joint meeting, we present the report to you, recommend possible courses of action and explain our thoughts on how to proceed. This report serves as a decision basis for you.

Conclusion: The cloud readiness check is a valuable service that offers you a decision basis in relation to continued operation of your existing IT infrastructure versus possible IT outsourcing. The service examines all business factors and also includes investments (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX) of both variants.