The ‘agile’ principle probably most aptly describes what successful IT systems integration means to us; it’s about the capabilities that a system must have to be able to respond to changing requirements:


  • Adaptability
  • Target achievement
  • Integration
  • Maintaining the structure

We apply this principle to create IT infrastructure solutions that provide real added value. The starting point is the qualification of suitable solutions, which lead to a solution portfolio that guarantees successful transformation.

Innovation plays a key role here to keep up with developments and changes to the market. IT infrastructures must be designed for this and include future-oriented technologies, such as hyper-convergence, grid architecture and automation.




Workplace Industrie 4.0

Core competencies rather than ‘corner shop’ – we focus on core subjects that we have mastered and in which we have built up profound expertise over the years.

  • Computing & Storage
  • Desktop- & Application-Management
  • Network & Security
  • Cloud Integration

We are well versed in implementing ‘on-premise’, ‘hybrid’ and ‘cloud’ solutions. We believe open-mindedness and creativity must already be applied when planning a suitable architecture. The requirements catalogue steers the design and, in combination with the appropriate technology, we develop a solution independent of manufacturers and products.

Integrated innovative technology solutions

A small overview of what you can expect from us...

  • Consulting, planning, implementation and migration of heterogenous IT infrastructure solutions, systems and applications
  • Visualised infrastructure solutions (server, storage, desktop and application visualisation)
  • Storage and backup solutions (SAN, NAS, DAS, VTL, B2D)
  • Internetworking (LAN, SDLAN, WLAN, WAN)
  • Cluster solutions, server consolidations, server farms
  • Visualised desktop solutions (also for 3D CAD) based on VDI, host computing and remote desktop technologies
  • Software-based telecommunication solutions (telephony, VoIP, Unified Communications)