IT departments are under constant pressure to perform. A stable, performant and secure IT infrastructure is a basic prerequisite for meeting everyday business requirements.
Thanks to our many years’ experience of operating IT infrastructures, we are the right choice of partner for analysing your IT in a structured way and showing you which areas can be optimised. We create an extensive overview of your entire IT environment and address your individual needs and requirements.

Our IT navigation is aimed at both entrepreneurs and IT managers and provides specific instructions.

  • As an entrepreneur, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure optimally meets your business requirements. Thanks to our experience, you will receive comprehensive feedback in relation to the following areas, for example: IT processes, IT governance, IT infrastructure and basic data centre infrastructure.
  • As an IT manager, we help you assess the ACTUAL state of your IT environment. Our second opinion based on best practices ensures that you receive a catalogue of measures tailored to your situation.

"Our IT navigation gives you a 360-degree overview of your entire IT infrastructure."

You as the client determine the focus of our joint IT navigation. Our experienced consultants analyse your IT systems environment starting with the network (which forms the basis of your IT systems environment), to the server and memory area as the middleware, through to the user experience. In addition to analysing your systems environment, we also check your IT processes and governance structure. We also work closely with you to define all areas that need attention, such as the scope of the IT navigation. Feel free to contact our consultants for a consultation.

IT navigation by ITRIS
IT navigation consists of three phases and provides a full service, from the analysis to specific instructions. What you as the client can expect from an IT navigation:

Definition: In this phase, we verify the scope of the IT navigation with you.

Execution of the IT navigation: In the first part, the IT facilities are inspected; this is followed by a manual and tool-assisted analysis of the different subsections of the IT navigation. Once this is done, the documents and processes are analysed, a process which concludes with structured interviews. The data recorded is used as the basis for creating the ‘IT navigation report’.
In the first part of the report, we describe the ACTUAL analysis of the defined areas. The second part is dedicated to identified measures which are summarised in a catalogue of measures. According to our recommendations, this is divided into different stages: immediate, short-term, medium-term and long-term measures

Closure: As added value of the analysis, we will present you with an in-depth ‘IT navigation report’. Of course, we are also happy to help you implement the suggested measures and are at your disposal for further steps.

IT navigation is a valuable service for determining the position of your IT infrastructure. The in-depth analysis and in particular the measures derived from it provide you with specific recommendations that you can implement to meet your business requirements in relation to security, performance and stability.