Very few other areas are developing as quickly and with such great impact on the business environment as information technology. The effects of digitalisation are changing our daily work and personal lives. Speed, efficiency and agility in the implementation of IT projects decide whether a company can maintain or improve its competitive edge. Complex IT projects also have to consider increasing cost pressure at the same time. With our tried-and-tested PM@ITRIS methodology, we enable you to find the right balance between costs, time and quality.

Management of complex IT projects follows certain rules, which we summarise in six key phrases:

  • Effectiveness – ‘do the right things’: We solve problems effectively and sustainably through teamwork involving the client.
  • Efficiency – ‘do the things right’: Shorter processing times thanks to focused, systematic processes. Lower overall costs.
  • Controllability: Precise project management through project controlling.
  • Higher planning precision: Focused time management thanks to professional planning and controlling.
  • Transparency: Better transparency through project documentation and communication.
  • Knowledge management: Sustainable knowledge transfer by means of teamwork, lessons learned and documentation.
"Project management shows the most efficient way from concept to execution"

Project management at ITRIS (PM@ITRIS)
Project management is a systematic process for managing complex endeavours. It includes organisation, planning, controlling and monitoring of all tasks and resources which are necessary to achieve the project goals.

The PM@ITRIS phase model illustrates the individual steps with the corresponding activities during project implementation. Project management ensures that the individual phases and sub-phases are completed successfully and on time.

Project definition: The project is initiated in this phase. The bases for planning, e.g. the project plan and work packages, are defined. These in turn are used to derive the list of operations as well as scheduling and resource planning. This creates a precise overview of what is supposed to happen during the course of the project and under which conditions.

Project execution: On these bases, further detailed concepts are developed in this phase. Trained quality awareness is used to ensure execution in line with the concept. Thanks to consistent project communication, our team ensures the project is implemented in accordance with your needs and requirements throughout the course of the project.

Project closure: At the end of the project, the client carries out the final acceptance of the project using an acceptance log. Any defects or pending issues are listed and resolved consistently. To ensure that we, as a learning organisation, can continue to evolve, we welcome your feedback (customer satisfaction), which we collect in the context of a debriefing.

We support your ICT projects with our PM@ITRIS service. Our passion is your guarantee that your project will be implemented successfully, from the first strategic idea to completion.