A well-functioning IT infrastructure is crucial for the success of your business. However, many companies do not consider IT operations to be one of their core competencies. Improper operation can therefore result in excessive operating costs, use of solutions that are not technically optimised and even downtimes. This in turn can result in competitive disadvantages. Thanks to our many years’ experience of operating IT systems environments, we are the right partner for your IT operations.

The connection between the IT strategy and the definition of services is established by defining IT services in corresponding agreements (SLA – Service Level Agreement). Our service management (SM@ITRIS), which is based on ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), means you can enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Continuous optimisation of IT services through alignment with current and future requirements
  • Standardisation of your IT environment
  • Lower costs for procurement, implementation and operation
  • Transparent control and monitoring of IT processes
  • Guaranteed IT security with holistic protection
"We keep your IT running to let you focus on your core business."

Service Management bei ITRIS
IT service management refers to the management and implementation of quality-based IT services that meet business requirements. IT service management is provided using a suitable combination of qualified experts, processes and information technology. The SM@ITRIS phase model shows the individual phases in service management, from the strategy, to the design and service transfer, through to the continuous improvement of processes.

Service Strategy: In this phase, we work with you to define the services offered (service portfolio) based on evaluated and assessed customer requirements.

Service Design: Based on the service portfolio, services are defined holistically (service catalogue). Adjustments to current processes, business functions and measuring systems are taken into account.

Service Transition: The objective of service transitioning is to set up and roll out IT services. We ensure that changes to services and service management processes are handled in a coordinated manner and are thus successfully integrated into your business.

Service Operation: This phase describes the operative part that is necessary to maintain and secure agreed performance in daily operations with minimal interruption. This includes well-known processes like incident/change management and the service desk.

Continual Service Improvement (CSI):  The sustainable increase of the performance and quality of the services helps secure a company’s success in the long-term. The objective of the CSI process is to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT processes and services.

Thanks to our professional SM@ITRIS service and many years of real-life experience, we are the right partner for running your IT systems environment. This lets you focus on your core business.